Alex has created an oasis of change when he decided to share the powerful lessons he has learned and now lives through ARC RECOVERY! ARC is a superb example of finding healthy balance in recovery where I have looked time and again for guidance and encouragement! ARC is a place but even more so, a state-of-mind embodied in the framework of the very comfortable and safe sober living homes combined with sober sailing adventures where “teamwork makes the dream work” harnessing the ever present winds of change and forces of good to forge a new and lasting way of life. Alex and my time with ARC has and continues to be one of the most inspirational influences in my life and I’m beyond grateful for he and his professional and compassionate staff and fellow former ARC’ers being there for me to lean on for support while showing me that true freedom from drugs and alcohol can be both extremely fun and compellingly fulfilling! I truly hope someday i am able to have such profoundly positive affect on so many people as he does through ARC! Sailing with Alex is pure joy especially when you combine all the laughter plus the novel peace and freedom of being on the ocean. In addition to the daily mentoring and also thru sailing I have witnessed firsthand ARC’s subtle yet direct custom tailored approach with each individual to help them in overcoming the very different challenges presented in the early stages of embracing an incredibly satisfying new way of living! If anyone has any questions whatsoever about Alex, ARC or the genuineness of my endorsement, please call me direct anytime at 970.274.0100! Thanks and I hope my relating the difference Alex and ARC has made in my life will help you make the decision to sail in the sunlight of life! With Sincere Gratitude, Owen M. Garrity


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